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Maverest Dental Network – Brought to you by Encore Health Network

maverest-logoWhat if you could reduce the amount you pay for dental? With over 70% of all self-insured dental plans not providing a dental PPO option, many are missing out on significant out-of-pocket savings. Through a partnership with Maverest Dental Alliance, Encore members save immediately on dental services.

Advantages to using Encore’s Dental Network:

Using a Maverest dentist saves up to 30%. Not only does this plan save employers on claim costs, it extends the dental benefit purchasing power to covered employees. Every out of pocket dollar saved by an employee using a Maverest dentist saves one dollar (est. based on the typical dental benefit plan) in claim costs for the employer.

It’s Simple. Dental claims are submitted directly to claims administrator by the participating Maverest Dentist. The claim administrator will adjust the fees based on Maverest’s fee schedule and provide an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to the covered participant and to the dentist.

It’s Easy. No contract changes. No ID Card reprinting. No disruption from employees or employer’s benefit mangers. Passive access is the starting point, which means no dental benefit plan changes or contract administration changes required.

It’s Flexible. Encore members can use any Maverest dentist and change dentists as often as needed.

About Maverest:

Maverest is a preferred provider dental network owned and managed by a partnership of health care consultants and dentists. Maverest is not an insurance company or third party claim administrator (TPA). Maverest is a network of dental providers that can be utilized by insurance companies, self-funded employers, unions, and third party claim administrators (TPAs). Maverest provides access to over 9000 dental service locations in 30 states.

To learn more about Maverest Dental Network, simply contact Encore Customer Service toll free (888) 574-8180 or Maverest Dental Alliance at 888-727-8598.

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Payor and Provider Resources

Payors please contact Account Executive Kevin McShay at (317)621-4264 or for access.

For any provider issue, please contact Provider Contracting Coordinator, Tina Bilodeau at (317)621-4269 or